ČS ABA, z.s. appreciates the efforts and commitment by parents of children with ASD, especially Ms. Doležalová, Mečkovská and Mr. Chmela – organizers of ABA seminars in Ostrava and Brno, lectured by Mgr. Zuzana Maštenová. Thanks to these meetings, parents receive basic practical information about how to approach and work with their ASD children in accordance with the practical experience and principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

The guarantee of high quality and consistency of the seminars with ABA principles is provided by the seminar lecturer – Mgr. Zuzana Maštenová, who is a certified Behavior Analyst (according to BACB standards).

The growing number of parents, as well as the requirements for other seminars, are fully understandable in the situation that is prevalent in the Czech Republic in connection with the unavailability of ABA certified services.  Therefore, ČS ABA, z.s. provides patronage for this event and, as far as possible, supports the activities of parents which are in accordance with the objectives of ČS ABA, z.s.

MUDr. Jana Gandalovičová, Deputy Chairman of ČS ABA,z.s.