Dear parents,

Please pay attention to the published translated conditions of education and certification for all levels of ABA intervention providers according to BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board). These will allow you to understand what kind of education an ABA intervention provider should have, how your child’s intervention should look, what is the hierarchy of ABA intervention providers. Read more…

Information leaflet on autism spectrum disorders (ASD), diagnostic criteria, warning signals, early therapeutic intervention, Applied Behavior Analysis – ABA, the principles of the ABA approach, the form of the ABA program and the role of parents in the ABA program. Published with the permission of the author – Mgr. Ivana Trellová, BCBA.

The leaflet is available for download HERE.

Starting with the approach based on verbal behavior analysis. We are offering a Czech translation of the article by Mary Lynch Barbera, RN, MSN, BCBA. The article is available for download HERE. In addition to the article itself, the Verbal Behavior Assessment Form is available. Many thanks to Ing. Jan Zajíc for the translation and MUDr. Jana Gandalovičová for the adjustments.

How to teach children and adults with autism to answer yes and no. A translation of a very practical blog post by Dr. Mary Barbera, BCBA-D for download here: The ability to answer yes or no. Many thanks to Mgr. Lenka Žáková for the translation and MUDr. Jana Gandalovičová for the adjustments.

The Seven Steps to Earning Instructional Control, Author: Robert Schramm, MA, BCBA, translation by Ing. Daniel Krsička. Download HERE: Schramm R- 7 Steps CZ

What is autism?, Mgr. Petra Doležalová

The basic question that needs to be answered is: What is autism? It is a neurometabolic disorder. ‘Neuro’ means that there has been a damage to the nerve cells, and we know (see stroke patients) that irreversible damage can be compensated by learning. ‘Metabolic’ suggests that biochemical approaches, such as diet changes, are not just a false hope for parents.

Why is it so hard to believe that ASD children can be helped to learn by very thought-out behaviorism methods? Why is it in people’s minds that autism is a mysterious mental disorder, and why is our general public – as well as professionals, unfortunately – convinced that the only way is reconciliation? How many doctors have told me that there is nothing to be done? So many. How many friends and family members have told me the same thing? It is so tiresome. If you do not understand that there is a lot you can do, you are not even motivated to try it to the fullest of your abilities. Read more…